is the result of 30 years of modifications, improvements, and evolution of technology that was originally developed in German laboratories. We have developed a variety of polyester, vinyl ester, and urethane formulations (resins, prepregs, putties) which can be RAPIDLY cured at ambient temperatures(-40°F to 120°F) in seconds.
This technology provides a huge set of advantages in both manufacturing glass reinforced laminates, and the repair and rehabilitation of structural parts. Light curing allows rapid and controlled curing of these resins under both hot and cold ambient conditions, without the waste and environmental compliance problems.

Long shelf life for resins
and unlimited pot life
for resins.

Significant reduction
in resin waste and
processing cost.

Rapid and complete cure at
ambient temperature, no
secondary cure when using
Vinyl Ester Resins.

Reduced internal stresses
styrene emissions in
the workplace.

No residual styrene
smell or taste from the
fiberglass parts.